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Nagging Lies

"Freedom comes to you only when you choose to let loose of your grip on the past, permanently lay aside your excuses, and turn your eyes toward the future"--Rick Renner

While we could spend the time from here until dooms day listing all the lies we hear, I want to take this time to deal with one of the most destructive.

1. You have no value in this world.

Once you believe you have no value, half of Satans work is already done. He knows if he can convince you that you have nothing to offer this world, you will no longer attempt to affect others and situations around you.

What Jesus said: “You are the salt and light of this world.” Matthew 5:13 -14

You have the ability to bring flavor to a bland life. You can help a life that is being spoiled by Satan. You can shine the light of Jesus into the dark places of our world.

When you follow your dream, I need you to know that all you’re doing is plugging into God’s plan. Therefore the devil works overtime to convince you that your God-given dream is just your own self-exalting fantasy. You should take a more humble plan. This “new humble plan” usually consists of you doing absolutely nothing, which the adversary wants.

So whenever you are tempted to stop what you are doing in favor of toning it down, ask yourself these questions- Is God mediocre? Does God create anything or anyone without a specific purpose?--The answer is NO!

God’s plans for you are flawless; therefore, you need to stop falling for- or even sometimes pretending to fall for these lies and stop making excuses.

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